«Junk food for the brain, diet for the soul» 'Too Much Information', the constant flow of information that we face daily, and eventually anesthetizes us. This journey through the meanderings of misinformation and media manipulation invites us to be awakened: to realize that only our critical mind can counter the alienation caused by the "big data" injected by the omnipresent technology. T.M.I is like an echo, a burst recalling the urgency to regain power and reconnect to the essential.



4"14 (Bastien Picot)

Too much information

…I guess I will turn my Tv off


Junk food for the brain, diet for the soul…

No Space Will remain outside of their mold…

It’s so easy to forget we are told what they want us to know…


I really think they will bring us nowhere…


What if we see things they don’t want us to know ?

What if we got out of this bed ?

A bed of lies, they’ve build

For us to comfortably close our eyes on the rest


But we see, see them do things to fulfill their greed !

Will they ever break the bound ?

The manipulation through the fear they spread pulls us to the ground…


“Don’t try to think, we will bring you somewhere”

That’s what they say,

“Don’t try to think for yourself, we are there ! ”


Poor communication

Too many facts but no reaction

Poor communication

I guess we should cut their power OFF