The Abettors


"The Abettors" is about the painful awakening of a system we've build on the idea of ownership of the other living creatures. This duet with Sandra NKaké questions our relationship with the animal world, our responsibility as witnesses, actors but also victims of the 6th mass extinction. To illustrate this, AURUS collaborated with the incredible illusionist makeup artist Mimi Choi. There is no special effects on the faces in this music video, it is just makeup, and a ubiquitous symbol: the eye. We have eyes wide open on this ongoing disaster, which concerns us but does not seem to be enough for us to act for real ...



(AURUS feat. Sandra Nkaké)

Are we holy works of art ?
Or the kings of pretension ?
Why the hell should we decide
Who will get to live or die ?

Are we holy works of art ?
Or is that our own invention ?
To justify that we’d be meant
To decide which being should die ?

Why are we waging war
To the animal realm ?
And in a way we all are
The abettors…
We got the world in our hands
We use that power to whelm
The tombs we have at our feet…
We’re the debtors…

Are we THE thinking animals
In this decline with many declensions ?
It could all be rectified
If we swore, you and I

To be the change. Let’s realize
we are slaughtering our emotions !
Our bodies and the earth(’s) alike,
Share the same appetite !